The girls from Lublin
Lublin, June 30, 2006

Last Saterday (12, april 2008) I went to the Antwerp photo museum. To see the online Face-on exhibition in reality. I had uploaded three photos to the online photo wall and got notice they would be printed and exhibited on the wall. So nice to see them over there! "The girls from Lublin" was one of my entries.

The idea of FACE ON
I quote the FACE ON about:
FACE ON probes the most popular aspect of photography - taking and showing portraits of each other. It starts this exploration with work from leading Getty Images photographers, but does this with the intention of creating ‘a conversation of images’ and promoting discussion, creation and sharing with the viewer.

Everybody is invited to place their work in the exhibition, which is a first for a public photography museum exhibition; in doing so like to give the opportunity to act on Andy Warhol’s famous quote ’In the future everybody will be famous’.

FACE ON exists in two worlds - the real and virtual space. It is both a website and a museum exhibition experience.

More on the FACE ON website