Ditch view

Vlaardingen, August 6, 2008

The Park Road ditch. All green in summer and sometimes all white in winter.

When the ditch was frozen we liked to try if the ice could already carry us. It was always the same group of boys and one girl. Hand in hand we ran over the creaking ice. Again and again. Slowly it broke down into floes. It was quite exiciting to jump from floe to floe. You had to choose the right floe, you had to be quick, or you would get drenched.

I once ended up between the floes. I ran home to keep warm and hoped I could sneak in. Some hope! My eldest sister, my mother were ready to receeive me.

Later I heard that a patient of my father - he was a family doctor - had seen my actions and had informed my mother about it.

From my series on childhood memories at Stoop's streetbook